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Welcome to the blog for the International Working Group on the Legal Profession.  This is the site through which members can keep in touch with links to research and other news that will be of interest to members.

You are strongly recommended to get automatic updates from the site.  This can be done by setting up an email subscription (see the right hand column); getting an RSS feed from the site (click here to do that); or by following us on Twitter (@IWLGLP).  For those of you unfamiliar with RSS feeds, they are very easy to set up and very useful: see here for a link explaining them.

Comments on the blog and suggested posts (with full text well formatted please and weblinks to any documents if possible) can be sent to Richard Moorhead who can be contacted here.  If anyone has an image which they think would work better than the misty bridge, do send it to Richard!

There are links to members blogs (if you have a blog and want to be linked, do let Richard know) and also the two main legal profession journals that I am aware of (if you think there should be others there do let Richard know too).

Blog posts are generally better if kept short!  Initially, we are happy to take any suggestions as to what to post.  Clearly brief summaries and announcements about research, links to working papers or publications, announcements about conferences and news about group members are all most welcome.  You can comment on any blog posting and stimulate a dialogue if you wish.

All posts and comments will be moderated, but the site is open to all and so can be read by anyone.  It is possible to create closed postings but this involves giving out a password which may not be very effective.

Looking forward to hearing from you all…

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